Archives: December 2016

  • Cancer Screenings Women Need to Know About

    December 24, 2016
    Each year, cancer strikes thousands of women across the United States. While preventative measures can help keep some cases at bay, that is simply not always the case. Early screening for more common forms of the disease, however, can greatly improve survival odds should cancer be diagnosed. Women will find there are several routine screening procedures that should be more
  • Radical Prostatectomy Can Deliver Positive Outcomes After Recurrences

    December 14, 2016
    For the 180,000 American men likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the coming year, treatment may or may not include surgery. In low-risk cases where chances of the cancer spreading are low and aggressiveness of the tumor is deemed low, as well, minimal treatments may be recommended. After all, prostate cancer treatments can introduce the possibility more

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