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Archives: June 2017

  • Lymphoma Drug Changes Post-Treatment Primary Malignancy Risks

    June 23, 2017
    A relatively new type of treatment for lymphoma is showing interesting results in its effects on the occurrence of primary malignancies that may appear among patients who survive the initial disease. Researchers recently learned that rituximab changes the primary malignancies witnessed. Patients with large B-cell lymphoma, for example, may see their risk for acute myeloid leukemia nearly double while...read more
  • Texas Cancer & Oncology Services: 3 Things to Look For

    June 15, 2017
    Most people don’t expect that they’ll have to one day flip through the names of Texas cancer and oncology services providers covered by their insurance companies. Unfortunately, this becomes a reality for thousands of people each year. Across the United States, in fact, it is estimated more than 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with a form of cancer...read more

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