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Archives: July 2020

  • Imminent Proof Links Breast Implants to Rare Lymphoma

    July 13, 2020
    Revealing the relationship between Breast Implants and Rare Lymphoma. Irving, Texas, July 13, 2020 – Breast implants are medical devices put behind the nipples and the breast or chest tissues. Reasons for breast implants include: increasing the size of the breast (breast augmentation), provisioning for breast tissues removed as a result of cancer, and replacing breast tissues that have failed...read more
  • A Promising Strategy to Boost the Effectiveness of Cancer Immunotherapy

    MIT Engineers have come up with a promising strategy that can boost cancer immunotherapy. They have designed nanoparticles that can be used with checkpoint inhibitors to help stimulate the body’s immune system to attack tumors. This type of approach is more powerful than using checkpoint inhibitors alone, and many patients are going to benefit from it. The team created a way...read more
  • How Artificial Intelligence is used in Oncology Practice

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer science that develops software programs and other entities that perform tasks intelligently or help to make decisions. It has been developed and used in healthcare for a long time to automate clinical tools such as the automated interpretation of electrocardiograms. Today, artificial intelligence is harnessed in oncology to help solve 'big' problems, such as...read more
  • Adhering to Diabetes Medication Can Improve Survival in Patients with Colorectal Cancer

    Adhering to anti-diabetic prescriptions can improve the survival of those patients battling both diabetes and colorectal cancer. According to research, patients adhering to oral diabetes medication had a significantly lower risk of overall mortality compared to those who did not. In the study, about 60% of diabetic patients are taking their medications as prescribed. The team wanted to find out if...read more

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