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Archives: October 2020

  • Dr. Neelema Pinnapureddy joins Choice Cancer Care in Las Colinas

    October 12, 2020
    Irving, Texas – October 12, 2020 –Las Colinas Cancer Center has some of the most experienced oncology experts who are committed to delivering personalized, compassionate cancer care to patients. The center offers educational resources, individualized treatment, and support to boost their patients' overall well-being.  Their treatment plans are developed with the state of health, lifestyle, and unique diagnosis of...read more
  • High Colorectal Cancer Rates in Men Linked to Androgen Levels

    Colorectal cancer affects the colon area, and it is common among older adults. The incidence of colon cancer in men is more significant than in females. Colorectal cancer begins as polyps (Small, benign clusters of cells) inside the colon. Some polyps develop into cancerous cells, thus causing the disease. Scientists have persistently sought to understand why colon cancer is more...read more
  • Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Melanoma and Lung Cancer

    The lung cancer-related mortality rate exceeds deaths caused by colorectal, prostate, and breast cancer combined. Lung cancer is the second leading most common cancer in women and men. Melanoma is the 6th most common cancer in women and 5th in men. Metastatic melanoma patients survived a maximum of 6 months before the approval of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment...read more
  • Medication and Lifestyle May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

    Breast cancer has a high recovery rate if detected early, but of course, nobody wants to be diagnosed with breast cancer. There are two drugs used to treat breast cancer that can also help to prevent the disease. One drug prevents the activity of estrogen in the selective cell while the other cuts down the number of circulating estrogens that...read more

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