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3 Reasons to Seek Out a Texas Center for Proton Therapy

When cancer is diagnosed, chances are doctors will make many recommendations on treatment options. Surgery may be indicated in some cases while chemotherapy and/or radiation is also advised in others. Should a form of cancer lend itself to the use of proton therapy, this option could also be recommended if a facility that provides the treatment is nearby. Although one of the newer forms of treatment available for certain forms of cancer, seeking out a Texas center for proton therapy when the recommendation is made can be a smart choice for some patients.

Proton therapy involves the use of positively charged particles that work in a similar manner to standard radiation. Much like radiation, the intent of the therapy is to destroy cancer cells. There are some differences in the mechanism and delivery that do make this option a sound one when advised. Some of the potential benefits include:

  • The precision of the treatments – Proton therapy is delivered in a manner that is considered much more precise than standard radiation. This can make it especially helpful for the treatment of cancer in delicate parts of the body, such as the eyes, the prostate, liver and spinal cord, among others.
  • Reduced side effect risks – Proton therapy may cause side effects that are similar to radiation, but the precision enabled by this technique may help keep damage to a minimum. This can be especially important when the cancer being treated is located in a part of the body where damaging nearby healthy tumors could lead to undesirable consequences.
  • High effectiveness – People tend to seek out proton therapy centers in Texas not only for the potential to reduce side effect risks, but also because of the benefits this treatment affords. In cancers that have been approved for proton therapy use, treatment results have been very promising.

Finding a Texas center for proton therapy is becoming easier as this form of treatment becomes more widely accepted. Patients who are diagnosed with cancer will want to talk with their doctors about all treatment options and weigh the potential benefits of each. If proton therapy is recommended, this is a viable option that may spare healthy tissue while effectively battling the condition.

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