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Most Advanced, Patient-Friendly Breast Cancer Care and Treatments Available In Texas

Breast cancer ranks second (skin cancer is first) among the most commonly diagnosed cancers in American women. It forms when breast cells start mutating and multiplying uncontrollably, creating a tumor. If untreated, breast cancer cells can spread to other body parts.

At cancer care centers in Texas, oncologists are trained and experienced to quickly diagnose breast cancer and design a treatment plan to suit the needs of each patient. They use various advanced treatment options, which include:

  • Surgery-It’s part of the treatment for most breast cancer patients. Breast surgeons have adequate experience in carrying out surgical procedures for various breast cancer types including invasive and inflammatory diseases. These oncologists have the capability and expertise to treat advanced tumors in the breast. They also perform palliative surgery for eliminating pain and increasing the comfort level of a patient.
  • Chemotherapy – Oncologists recommend chemotherapy for those patients with metastatic or advanced breast cancer.
  • Hormone therapy-After a breast cancer type tests positive for particular hormones, hormone-blocking therapy can be used to stop or slow down the cancer cells from growing.
  • Radiation therapy-When breast tumors are too big or not easy to remove via surgery, oncologists may use radiation therapy right before surgery, to help shrink that tumor. After carrying out a breast-sparing surgery, radiation treatments can help to destroy any remaining cells of the breast cancer.
  • Targeted therapy – It’s where medications are used to shut down HER2 gene, which cuts off the energy supply to the cancer cells.

In addition to the methods of breast cancer treatment above, patients are accorded supportive care to help them stay strong and uphold high quality of life even as they continue undergoing treatment.

Texas cancer clinics have a team of breast cancer experts who help patients to manage the side effects of undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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