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Beating Lung Cancer at Its Early Stages

Lung cancer starts in the lung cells and takes over the functioning of the lung. Later, the disease may spread to the brain and bones. Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common form of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is regarded as a deadly disease because it grows silently. Often, the condition is caught late when it has already spread to other organs in the body. Many patients get diagnosed when the disease has progressed. But if diagnosed early, the disease can be treated successfully.

The risks of developing the disease include smoking, family history, exposure to toxins such as asbestos and radon gas, and more.

Some of the symptoms of lung cancer include chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, persistent cough, and coughing up blood.

Getting examined early is the best way to prevent lung cancer. Recently, scientists discovered that low-dose CT scans could be used to screen for lung cancer and improve patient outcomes. If lung tumors are caught early, they can be surgically removed and cured.

Low dose CT scans are safe and can be used to improve the diagnosis value in high-risk patients. Doctors recommend that people aged 50 years and above with a history of smoking should get a CT scan once every year.

The first line of treatment for lung cancer is surgery. If identified early, a minimal surgery known as video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATs) can be carried out to remove the lesions. This involves taking out a lobe section of the lung while preserving the healthy part. Advanced forms of the disease can be treated through major surgeries to remove the tumor or the whole lung.

People at risk for lung cancer should get screened to protect their lung health. Finding the disease early will help to treat and cure it effectively. Consult your doctor about the best screening method suitable for your case.

To reduce the risks of this type of cancer, you should quit or minimize smoking if you are a heavy smoker.

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