Finding the Best Cancer Treatment Facility

When it comes to cancer, not all hospitals and doctors are equal. The American Cancer Society suggests that one should find a doctor who is affiliated with a Commission on Cancer Accredited Center. A renowned cancer treatment facility has multidisciplinary teams, comprehensive care, access to information and state-of-the-art equipment.

The American Cancer Society has guidelines for choosing health professionals and treatment facilities. Included in the guidelines is a worksheet evaluating treatment centers and doctors, a database of physicians and hospitals, and advice on how to converse with your doctor. It is easier to find a physician for common types of cancers such as colorectal or breast cancer. Less common cancers like pancreatic cancer, neuroblastoma, and sarcoma require a team of physicians with expertise that you can find at renowned treatment facilities.

Several factors determine the choice of a cancer treatment facility as below:

  • The best cancer care requires unsurpassed operations from the initial stage, the right decisions about using different modes of treatment and exposure to new therapies and trials.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies, therapies, and integration across health and wellness disciplines is what one would be looking for in a cancer care facility. Some facilities take part in clinical trials and research in the investigational and new treatments of cancer.
  • Some facilities allow patients access to comprehensive naturopathic, nutritional and complementary therapies to enhance conventional medical treatments. It is important that one finds a program that will harness all tools they need to fight cancer.
  • Your diagnosis can help you determine where you want to get treatment. If it is a type of cancer that can be treated with standard methods or complex, specialized treatment, you might consider a facility with technology and expertise.

Choosing a renowned cancer facility is solely dependent on the type and severity of cancer a patient has. Standard treatment does not necessarily require a visit to a specialized facility, but complex cancer types and stages would require a well-equipped facility.


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