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Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Detection and Treatment to Look Out For

Cancer treatment has come a long way. It has taken a while, but cancer treatment has made great strides. The past few decades have especially been impactful.

Technology has played a major role in the development of new interventions. Several treatment and detection methods are now in use and they include:

  • The Auris Monarch robotic platform – A combination of robotics, data science, software and endoscope innovation, this contraption is a great tool for early diagnosis of lung cancer. It boasts great accuracy and can treat peripheral nodules that are small and difficult to reach with great precision, thus reducing possible complications.
  • Precision medicine – Using genetic testing, doctors have been able to dig deep and discover a cancer’s genetic makeup. Treatment involves introducing drugs that specifically target the genetic changes thus destroying cancer cells. The treatment is personalized for every patient so it can be effective. With this method, doctors can predict which treatment will be best for specific patients.
  • Liquid biopsy – A biopsy ideally involves examination of a tissue sample. Research showed that as cancer progresses, tumors cast off circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as well as other biomarkers and they land in the bloodstream. Doctors then draw blood and are able to perform a liquid biopsy on it. Examining the CTCs sheds light on a patient’s therapeutic response. It can also show tumor recurrence.

Other advancements include next-generation sequencing that is used to spot circulating tumor DNA so as to identify potential therapeutic targets using a minimally invasive approach. Another method is immunotherapy where drugs inhibit the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells. All these advancements make for great success stories even as research continues to unearth more mysteries.

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