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Finding the Best Treatment Center and Team for Your Cancer in Texas

Regardless of the type of cancer diagnosis you receive, you will need to find a good cancer treatment center and a team that will provide a proper treatment plan and care for your type of cancer. With the help and support of a renowned center and team, you will get the confidence to stay in control of your situation.

  • Where to find the best cancer care – When looking for cancer care, you should find a team affiliated with a cancer center that’s accredited. The center should have programs with multi-disciplinary teams, comprehensive and state-of-the-art care as well as information about your type of cancer and access to clinical trials. The American Cancer Society has guidelines for choosing health professionals and treatment facilities. The guidelines also include a worksheet evaluating the doctors and treatment centers as well as a database of physicians and hospitals. It is easy to find experienced doctors near you for common cancers like colorectal and breast cancer. Less common cancers like pancreatic cancer or sarcoma require specialized treatment and care from a bigger center.

If you are getting treatment as an outpatient, find a facility that is close to your home because intensive treatments can weaken you. Speak about clinical trial options with your doctor to know of any clinical trials offered. Clinical trials can be a good treatment option, and they are funded by hospitals, medical centers, and drug companies.

  • Deciding on specialized cancer care providers – When looking for a cancer treatment team, find oncologists you have full confidence in. Your doctor can recommend oncologists who specialize in your cancer type and who have vast experience treating it. Good cancer physicians are always associated with the best treatment centers. Seek second opinions about your diagnosis to be sure. Ask for recommendations from acquaintances, close friends and family for the best oncologists to treat your cancer. Board-certified physicians have had additional training in their special areas of medicine and should be your most preferred choice. The decision to choose intensive in-patient care or out-patient care should be made after consultation with your primary doctor regarding your type and stage of cancer.

Every cancer prognosis is different even for patients who experience similar symptoms. The appropriate treatment depends on your type and stage of cancer, your age, medical history, and your preferences. Most cancer treatment centers and hospitals have many cancer programs with an extra team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers on site. It is better to get treatment from such well-equipped centers so that you receive overall cancer care including emotional support.

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