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Questions to Ask When Seeking Prostate Cancer Treatment in Texas

An estimated 161,000 American men will face down a diagnosis of prostate cancer in the coming year. While many of these cases may be low-risk and require no immediate intervention, that is not always so. Men who find themselves seeking prostate cancer treatment in Texas are likely to find that taking the time to explore their options produces the best possible outcome in their unique cases.

While treatment recommendations, prognosis and level of intervention required will vary based on the nature of a man’s tumor, its stage and aggressiveness, these are questions that all men should ask of their doctors before any intervention begins:

  • Is intervention necessary? – In certain low-risk cases, a “treatment” alternative known as active surveillance may be advised. This involves routine monitoring of low-risk tumors rather than direct intervention that may produce undesirable side effects. Watchful waiting, as it is also called, does require routine checkups to ensure that intervention is swift should the nature of a tumor change.
  • Is surgery the only option? – A surgical procedure known as the radical prostatectomy may be indicated in some cases. Men seeking prostate cancer treatment in Texas, however, may find that this highly invasive treatment isn’t always 100 percent necessary. In lower-risk cases caught in earlier stages, brachytherapy, for example, may provide a highly viable alternative. This option delivers low doses of radiation directly to the diseased prostate gland itself. Performed on an outpatient basis, the procedure has a strong track record of success when its use is indicated.
  • What are the side effect risks? – When exploring all viable treatment options, it is also important for men to carefully weigh the potential benefits and possible drawbacks. A reputable prostate cancer treatment doctor will help patients explore their options closely so that they may make informed decisions about their care.

Men seeking prostate cancer treatment in Texas are advised to find out as much as they can about their options, the risks and potential rewards before making a final decision. Reputable cancer care doctors are more than happy to answer patient questions so that informed choices can be made.

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