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The Elusive Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Should Know Of

Breast lumps are widely known to be the most typical warning signs of possible cancer. But there are more elusive symptoms that can cause breast disease. Creating awareness of these less known signs can help save lives. Paying attention to your breast health is important because it will help to identify any areas of concern and address them before it’s too late.

Here are some of the elusive signs of breast cancer:

A lump under the arm or collarbone – Women are urged to do breast self-examination to look for lumps that can be possible cancer threats. Cancerous lumps can develop under the arm and around the collarbones. Most breast lumps can also be caused by other medical conditions like cysts and fibrocystic breast condition. When you notice any lumps, it is recommended to get them checked by the doctor immediately.

Dimpling of the breast or nipple – Dimpling or puckering of breasts can be a sign of breast cancer. It can happen on both nipples or just one and appear as if the nipple is retracting inwards because the tumor is pulling on the breast. If your nipples suddenly become inverted, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Redness or flaking of the breast or nipple – Part of the breast skin can swell because of the cancer blocking circulation in the breast. Nipples can become red or dry, and this is something to be aware of. Seeking confirmation from the doctor will help to rule out any doubts.

Nipple discharge – Any weird discharge from the nipples should be of great concern. The discharge can be milky, clear or bloody, a hint that this could be breast cancer. If it appears in one breast, it could be serious and needs to be checked. Other things like birth control pills and infection can also cause nipple discharge.

The best way to ensure breast health is to do self-checks and have mammograms as recommended at the age of 40-44. Knowing these signs and getting tested for breast cancer can help to fight the disease.

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