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Yoga, Meditation May Help Ease Menopause for Breast Cancer Survivors

No matter how they’re served up, the symptoms of menopause can be a real pain in the neck for women to struggle through alone. After all, as the body undergoes dramatic change, the effects can take their toll physically and psychologically. For breast cancer survivors, however, managing the symptoms can prove to be even more challenging. Researchers are finding, however, that a more natural approach may provide strong benefits over the long run.

To arrive at their findings, researchers in Germany looked at the impacts traditional Hatha yoga and meditation intervention might have on menopausal breast cancer survivors. A total of 40 breast cancer survivors took part in the study with a mean age of 49.2 years. Nineteen of the women took part in yoga and meditation sessions. The remaining 21 underwent usual care.

The study delivered some eye-opening findings. At the 12-week mark, women in the yoga group reported back with a much lower frequency rate of standard menopausal symptoms. The results were roughly the same at the 24-yweek mark with the exception of the psychological symptoms often associated with menopause. Researchers also added in 36 women who received antiestrogen medication and found similar results with those in the yoga group showing strong symptomatic control.

While the study was only small-scale in nature, it does point to the potential benefits of meditation and yoga in helping breast cancer survivors weather the storms associated with menopause. This safe, healthy alternative may deliver a number of benefits that simply cannot be replicated by medicine.

Menopausal women, breast cancer survivors or not, are urged to discuss their symptoms with their healthcare providers. There are measures that can help control symptoms so this natural phase of life becomes easier to transition through. As it turns out, yoga and meditation may offer a great boost in the process.

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