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Our Mission

Our Mission

Every day something new happens in cancer treatment, advancements are made at every turn. We are proud to harness the power of these cutting-edge developments and make them available to our patients in a positive, supportive, and caring environment. Everything we do, every decision we make, is always with our patient in mind so that we can confidently lead them through this journey and return them to their life as quickly as possible.

History of Las Colinas Cancer Center

Choice Cancer Care established its first clinic in North Texas in 1989 to deliver world-class cancer treatment. This first clinic would set the tone for the clinics to come, establishing a philosophy of patient care that is now synonymous with how the treatment centers operate.

Every patient who undergoes treatment at Las Colinas Cancer Center – or at any of the treatment centers established by Choice Cancer Care – will receive care within a respectful, compassionate environment that offers the most sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

Making sure this philosophy is seen to fruition everyday is the responsibility of the team here at Las Colinas Cancer Center. Together as a team, the staff at Las Colinas Cancer Center – each of whom represents an important specialty in cancer care – offers a whole-person, comprehensive treatment plan that includes the most sophisticated technology available today. Our team provides the medical treatment for the cancer and compassionate care for the person.

Leaders in Cancer Care

At Las Colinas Cancer Center, it is not enough for us to provide cancer care. It is always essential that we remain on the forefront of what is happening in the world of cancer treatment. We work as a team to stay on the cutting-edge of cancer care and we are truly honored to work with our patients and their families in our community. We know that with continued research and a commitment to excellence in cancer care, every patient will receive the treatment options they deserve.

As leaders in the field of cancer care, we are always striving for perfection in treating our patients. Our patients always come first and we treat each person with respect and compassion. Most importantly, we create a very specialized, individual treatment plan that is designed to address each patient’s unique diagnosis and very individual needs. That’s why it’s so important to us that we treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis. We get to know our patients as people and get to know their families and their support team. This personal relationship is absolutely invaluable to us in treating their cancer appropriately. These personal relationships are at the core of everything we do and are then combined with world-class treatments from top oncology specialists in their field.

In fact, our team of specialists represent every area of cancer care – from physicists, radiation technologists, and dosimetrists, to skilled oncology nurses and infusion specialists. We are an independent cancer care center that offers access to all of these specialists under one roof. Here, we are able to work with patients and their families to create a plan to best treat the patient’s cancer. It’s for these reasons that we are North Texas’s leader in cancer care. We are proud to work with our patients as they navigate this time in their life. And we stand with them in helping create a bright future.

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