Dr. Divya Vijendra, MD

Dr. Divya Vijendra attended and graduated from medical school in 1999, having over 21 years of diverse experience, especially in Medical Oncology. She is board certified in Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine allowing specialized personal care for older cancer patients. She was the recipient of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Achievement Award and the Farrehi Award for Academic Excellence. She specializes in oncology and internal medicine. She believes in providing care for her patients in a thoughtful, respectful way.

09/1990-02/1997 – MBBS, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, India.

07/2009-06/2011 – Fellowship/Medical Oncology, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH.
07/2003-06/2004 – Fellowship/Geriatric Internal Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

07/2002-06/2003 – Chief Resident/Internal Medicine.
07/2001-06/2003 – Residency/Internal Medicine.
07/2000-06/2001 – Internship/Internal Medicine, McLaren Regional Medical Center, Flint, MI.

ABIM with Medical Oncology & Geriatric Medicine.

07/2017 – Present – Section Chief/Medical Oncology.
07/2015-06/2017 – Chair/Medical Oncology.
07/2013-06/2017 – Vice Chair/Medical Oncology, Flower Hospital, Sylvania, OH.
07/2008-06/2009 – Hospitalist, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH.
10/2004-03/2008 – Lead Geriatrician & Internist, Cordelia Martin Community Clinic Toledo, OH.

07/2008-06/2009 – Assistant Professor/Medicine, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH.

– Internal Medicine Resident of the Year, 2001, McLaren Regional Medical Center, Michigan State University and College of Human Medicine
– Outstanding Internal Medicine Resident of the Year, 2002, Michigan State University Residency Program, Internal Medicine.
– Farrehi Award for Academic Excellence, 2003, McLaren Regional Medical Center.
– Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Achievement Awards program recipient, 2010.

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