Dr. Neeraja Dasari, M.D.

“Truly exceptional patient care is a choice we make on a daily basis. It is this commitment to going above and beyond that makes working with Choice Cancer Care so fulfilling for me.”~ Dr. Neeraja Dasari

Board-certified in radiation oncology, Dr. Neeraja Dasari completed her medical degree, as well as her internship, at Gandhi Medical College in India, after which she moved to New York City to complete her residency program in radiation oncology at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens. Dr. Dasari spent five years in New York City practicing medicine and conducting clinical research. In 2002, however, she and her family decided to make the move to the Dallas area.

Dr. Dasari’s course of study and practice stemmed from early advice received by a professor in the early stages of her medical education. Noticing her interest in – and natural talent for – biology and physics, her professor encouraged Dr. Dasari to pursue a specialization in radiation oncology and her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams. To this day, Dr. Dasari is still a natural student, always staying up-to-date on the latest in oncology research, technology, and equipment so that she can offer her patients the most sophisticated care.

Dr. Dasari specializes in head, neck, and breast cancers and sees her patients at the Las Colinas Cancer Center.

Dr. Dasari lives with her husband and two sons in Addison where they enjoy playing and watching sports. The Dasari family also enjoys traveling, both domestically and internationally.

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