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Press Releases

  • Las Colinas Cancer Center is a Pioneer in Prostate Cancer Treatment
    Irving, Texas – September 19, 2020 – Las Colinas Cancer Center understands how cancer patients feel after receiving their prostate cancer diagnosis. Knowing that prostate cancer comes with potentially life-threatening consequences, the doctors provide adequate support and personal care to their patients. The center has proficient oncologists and radiation specialists who systematically and assertively develop […]
  • Fighting Breast Cancer in Texas Neighborhoods
    Irving, Texas – Aug 26, 2020 –Las Colinas Cancer Center is a reputable cancer care center committed to helping patients fight breast cancer in Texas neighborhoods.The center understands the factors and circumstances contributing to the rise in breast cancer incidences and mortality rates. Las Colinas Cancer Center helps patients understand their breast cancer diagnosis and […]
  • Imminent Proof Links Breast Implants to Rare Lymphoma
    Revealing the relationship between Breast Implants and Rare Lymphoma. Irving, Texas, July 13, 2020 – Breast implants are medical devices put behind the nipples and the breast or chest tissues. Reasons for breast implants include: increasing the size of the breast (breast augmentation), provisioning for breast tissues removed as a result of cancer, and replacing […]
  • Understanding the Various Types of Colorectal Cancer
    Choice Cancer Care explains the various types of colorectal cancer. Irving, Texas – June 14, 2020 –Many types of colorectal cancers begin as polyps in the gastrointestinal tract lining. Most of them are benign, but some grow and turn cancerous (adenoma) over time. Colorectal cancer is classified based on the location of the initial adenoma. […]
  • Dr. Deepti Kallam Explains What Patients Can Do To Lower Their Colorectal Cancer Risk
    Irving, Texas – May 14, 2020 –Most colorectal cancers begin as abnormal growths within the rectum or colon. The polyps can stay in the colon for years before turning into cancer. Colorectal cancer may not present symptoms in the early stages.If precancerous polyps in the colon are pinpointed and removed early, the patient will be […]

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