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Choice Cancer Care in Las Colinas Is One of Most Advanced Radiation Oncology Centers in Texas

Irving, Texas – Nov 16, 2020 – Las Colinas Cancer Center offers advanced radiation oncology for cancer. Their physicians are specialized in all radiation treatment options and will answer any questions and address concerns patients may have regarding their therapy. They treat every patient like family and will always support them throughout their cancer treatment journey.

Las Colinas Cancer Center offers sophisticated radiation oncology procedures to ensure patients receive comprehensive care at all times. The center delivers effective radiation treatment in a comfortable environment. The physicians are specialized, and they use the latest technologies to ensure individualized treatment for every patient. 

At Las Colinas, you’ll find a variety of innovative radiation treatment options, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), and low-dose-rate brachytherapy, among others.

Las Colinas Cancer Center keeps up with the breakthroughs in cancer treatments to deliver sophisticated therapy that ensures excellent cancer management, symptom control, and cure. They use advanced computer technology to plan and administer treatment. Physicians target cancer by delivering radiation to tumor locations without damaging healthy tissue. The use of radiation oncology combined with surgery or drug therapy, has helped many people overcome their disease.

It is at Las Colinas Cancer Center that you’ll find oncology teams who understand patient care and work together in a multidisciplinary setting to develop personalized treatment plans specific to each patient’s cancer type and situation. They coordinate care to ensure a patient’s overall well-being.

At Las Colinas Cancer Center, you’ll experience comprehensive, compassionate radiation therapy with high chances of cure and recovery. Patients don’t feel the impact of radiation because of advanced technology that releases low doses to kill cancer cells. Their treatment sessions take a shorter time, and most patients will continue with their regular daily activities soon after radiation treatment. The oncology team will discuss your treatment and possible side effects in detail to help you understand all aspects of your therapy.

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