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PET/CT Scanner

At the Las Colinas cancer treatment center in Texas a PET/CT scanner is located adjacent to the center. Diagnosing and treating certain conditions sometimes calls for the use of specialized equipment to help doctors see exactly what is going on inside the body. When there’s a need to examine organs and tissues, PET scan images are often the best choice.

PET scan imaging involves the use of highly specialized equipment to give a bird’s eye view at the inner workings of certain organs. The PET scan procedure typically involves the use of a radioactive substance that’s called a tracer. This is put into the body through a vein, allowing it to travel through the blood and collect in the organs and tissues. This then works in conjunction with the PET scan imaging equipment to provide a look inside without having to perform a more invasive procedure. This type of test can prove valuable for diagnosing and treating cancer. It is under our management and allows easy scheduling of appointments and provides patients the ease and convenience of returning to a familiar location.




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