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Chemo Cold Caps – Save Your Hair!


Save Your Hair While Undergoing Chemotherapy:

At Las Colinas Cancer Center, we offer the revolutionary Chemo Cold Cap, an amazing product that helps cancer patients undergoing treatment to preserve their hair.

AVAILABLE NOW at Las Colinas Cancer Center – the Chemo Cold Cap Solution!

To learn more about Cold Caps, visit www.chemocoldcaps.com or call 800.290.7196 to place your order.

We invite you to watch you a short video on Chemo Cold Caps or visit our Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information.



Watch a video on the topic:




1. How do Chemo Cold Caps preserve hair for patients undergoing treatment?

Underdoing treatment for cancer introduces drugs into the system that are responsible for eradicating cancer cells. However, these drugs can also produce side effects including the loss of hair. A Chemo Cold Cap is designed to be cooled to a very low temperature (-22 degrees F). This level of cold restricts the blood vessels in the scalp so that drugs that would normally be able to make they way through these vessels to damage hair follicles, are unable to enter.

2. Is the Chemo Cold Cap painful or uncomfortable to wear?

Typically, patients experience some mild discomfort when first putting on the Cap but after about 10 minutes, the scalp becomes numb and any discomfort generally diminishes. Most patients are able to tolerate wearing the Cap. Some side effects that are most commonly reported include dizziness and headaches, while some patients also report feeling claustrophobic or experiencing discomfort throughout the time they wear the Cap.

3. How long is the Chemo Cold Cap worn?

The Chemo Cold Cap is recommended to be worn for 50 minutes prior to the beginning of infusion as well as throughout the infusion process. Additionally, it is recommended that the Cap continue to be worn for at least 3 hours after infusion is completed. Depending on the type and length of treatment, the Cap may be worn for up to 6 hours. It has been shown that the longer the Cap is worn (up to 8 hours at a time), the more effective it is in preserving hair.

4. Will the Chemo Cold Cap work along with my chemotherapy?

The Chemo Cold Cap is appropriate for most chemotherapy treatment plans but they don’t work for everyone. Preserving hair can also depend on a variety of factors that include the number of chemotherapy courses of treatment, the drug regimen you are on and the dosage, and the method of administration. Your doctor will be happy to help you determine if a Chemo Cold Cap is right for you.

5. Where can I get the Chemo Cold Cap?

You can order your Chemo Cold Cap by visiting www.chemocoldcaps.com or calling 800.290.7196 to place your order. Your order will be delivered right to your home so that you have it prior to your first treatment.

6. How will I know how to use my Cap?

It is very important to us that you know how to properly use your Chemo Cold Cap and are comfortable wearing and changing it. To that end, we provide you with comprehensive instructions including a user manual, instructional videos, and a variety of other tools to help you use your Cap successfully, Additionally, we are always available to answer any questions.

7. How much does the Chemo Cold Cap cost?

Visit www.chemocoldcaps.com for a list of all fees.

8. Do I have to use my Cap for the duration of my infusion cycle of treatment?

No. There is no commitment that needs to be made to using your Cap. Fees are calculated on a per usage basis and if you decide that the Chemo Cold Cap is not right for you, you are free to cancel at absolutely any time.

9. Is there any preparation necessary for using the Chemo Cold Cap?

We recommend that you keep your hair short for the most successful use of your Chemo Cold Cap. Also, we recommend avoiding any excessive brushing or combing after wearing the Cap as well as avoiding the use of hair dryers, curling irons, and the use of any products containing peroxide or alcohol.

10. Will the Chemo Cold Caps work for me?

There are a variety of factors that will determine if the Chemo Cold Cap will work for you including dosage of chemotherapy, age, and even the characteristics of your hair itself. Work with your doctor to determine if Chemo Cold Caps are right for you!

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