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Informational Articles

  • Why Colorectal Cancer Incidence Is on the Rise among the Youth
    Only about 5% of colorectal cancers are hereditary. Most of these cancers develop in people with no family history or known genetic dispositions. The rise in colon cancer among young people is alarming, and various theories have come up for the causes, including the sedentary lifestyles they live and gut microbiome changes. There was evidence […]
  • Less Clinical Challenges in Colorectal Cancer Treatment 
    In an attempt to treat and prevent colorectal cancer, oncologists are integrating immunotherapy with chemotherapy. For a patient to have high chances of survival, the two drugs, nivolumab and ipilimumab, are both combined for cancer treatment instead of using a single one. However, the mixture is relatively toxic. In comparing the two applicable methods for […]
  • Adhering to Diabetes Medication Can Improve Survival in Patients with Colorectal Cancer
    Adhering to anti-diabetic prescriptions can improve the survival of those patients battling both diabetes and colorectal cancer. According to research, patients adhering to oral diabetes medication had a significantly lower risk of overall mortality compared to those who did not. In the study, about 60% of diabetic patients are taking their medications as prescribed. The […]
  • Factors that Help Reduce the Risk for Cancer
    You can reduce your chances of developing cancer by addressing certain risk factors. This is because cancer affects many people worldwide, and most are not aware of the cause and the preventive measures to take. According to research, cancer may result from a single cell mutation that grows out of control. Other factors increase the […]
  • Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care from Advanced Facilities and Expert Teams
    Breast cancer requires treatment in a multidisciplinary setting. Different medical professionals and specialists come together to develop a treatment strategy that will work for each patient. Our center brings together expert oncologists in advanced cancer therapy and supportive care professionals to ensure a patient has an effective treatment plan. Our professional team of breast specialists […]

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