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New Novel Treatments for Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society concludes that the 5-year rate for survival for breast cancer is 99% if the disease is caught early.

However, breast cancer occurs in different ways. Every individual’s breast cancer is different and affects them differently. The location, size, and stage of breast cancer determines the treatment option for a patient.

Standard treatments for breast cancer include surgery, hormone therapy, radiation, and chemotherapy. These are administered based on the patient’s type of cancer and its progression. Newer treatment options, such as immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and clinical trials, are also available.

  • Targeted therapy – Targeted therapy helps to treat breast cancer based on specific characteristics of the cancer cells. A protein that makes cells grow uncontrollably or abnormally is one such characteristic. Breast cancer is evaluated by looking for the progesterone receptor, estrogen receptor, and HER2. The way a patient’s breast cancer expresses these proteins will determine the treatment they receive. Targeted therapies are more effective, less toxic, and last longer.
  • Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy boosts the patient’s immune system to help kill cancerous cells. Studies have also found that immunotherapy can improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.
  • Clinical trials – Clinical trials are controlled research studies that help to test promising new treatments or procedures that can advance cancer treatment. They are carried out by various institutes and research centers to test various investigational drugs in clinical trials. This allows patients to access experimental treatments that are yet to be availed in the market. Oncologists can help patients determine if they are viable candidates for these trials.

Although a lot of breakthroughs have been experienced in breast cancer treatment, its incidence remains high in women. You can take full charge of your health by lowering the risks of the disease. Performing regular breast self-exams, and taking routine mammograms can help to detect breast cancer early when it is curable. Those at high risk should start screening early.

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