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Dr. Raetasha Dabney, MD

Dr. Dabney believes in comprehensive cancer care. Her approach is to treat the whole person as well as their family. Her passion is breast cancer, but she also treats all solid tumors and malignant/benign hematology. She has completed the “City of Hope Clinical Cancer Genomics Community of Practice” course and is offering genetic testing and counseling in clinic.

Dr. Dabney is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. She serves on the Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee (CPGC) and Multi-Site Guidelines Committee. She is a member of the American Society of Hematology and the National Medical Association.

Dr. Dabney is a Lieutenant Colonel and Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force Air National Guard and is proud to serve her country. The time that she has spent in the military has enhanced her leadership and organizational skills.  She is dedicated to veterans and their care.

Dr. Dabney was raised in Farmersville, Texas, a small rural town east of McKinney. As a little girl, she was a very active youth committed to making a difference in her community. After 20 years away from the metroplex, she is so happy to be back home. She is bringing back more knowledge and wisdom and is ready to pick up where she left off in serving the community. She is happily married with two beautiful daughters. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sports, and traveling.

Past Positions

– Medical Director Hematology/Oncology Clinic, Keesler Medical Center, Keesler AFB, MS (10/2013-06/2018)
– Staff Internal Medicine Physician, Keesler Medical Center, Keesler AFB, MS (10/2013-06/2018)
– Physician liaison to Commission on Cancer (10/2013-06/2018)
– Hematology/Oncology Curriculum Chief to Internal Medicine Program (03/2015-06/2018)


– USAF Health Professions Scholarship 2003-2007

Military Service and Training

– 2007-Present, US Air Force Medical Corps Officer, Lt. Col.

Professional Societies

– American Society of Hematology (ASH), Member
– American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Member



– ASCO Practice Guidelines Implementation Network (PGIN) Representative, (September 2017-present)
– ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee (CPGC), (September 2017-present)
– ASCO Multi-Site Guideline Advisory Group (GAG), (December 2017-Present)


– Clinical Competency Committee, Keesler Medical Center, March 2015-June 2018
– Internal Medicine Core Facility, Keesler Medical Center, May 2016-June 2018
– Hematology Oncology Fellowship Curriculum, SAUSHEC, 2011-2012
– Hematology Oncology Competency Committee, SAUSHEC, 2011-2012


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