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Breast Cancer Treatment Center

We provide the same breast cancer treatment care we would expect for our loved ones who are fighting breast cancer.

Our breast cancer treatment center is constantly researching and utilizing new techniques and therapies to fight cancer on all fronts. Our complete focus is driven by advanced breast cancer treatment options and the kind of care we would want for our own family members. Our cancer doctors care for you like family. Our breast cancer treatment center offers a full range of breast cancer treatment options.

Las Colinas Cancer Center understands that breast cancer doesn’t just affect one part of the body. It affects all of you and everything in your life. At our cancer treatment center you will receive personalized breast cancer treatments that combine both conventional treatments with integrative breast cancer treatment therapies. We help you fight breast cancer and help you to have the benefit of a good quality of life.

Our breast cancer treatment approach combines medicines, therapies, and expertise for the best breast cancer treatment customized for each patient. We care for the whole person, not just the disease. We offer a variety of prevention and support programs for patients, survivors and family.

One type of breast cancer treatment is Hormone Therapy and is often used as an adjuvant therapy to help reduce the risk of the cancer coming back after surgery, but it can be used as neoadjuvant treatment, as well. It is also used to treat cancer that has come back after treatment or for a cancer that has spread. Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer is any treatment given after primary therapy to increase the chance of long-term survival. Neoadjuvant therapy is treatment given before primary therapy.

A woman’s ovaries are the primary source of the hormone estrogen until menopause. After menopause, smaller amounts are still made in the body’s fat tissue, where a hormone made by the adrenal gland is converted into estrogen. Estrogen promotes the growth of cancers that are hormone receptor-positive. About 2 out of 3 of breast cancers are hormone receptor-positive — they contain receptors for the hormones estrogen (ER-positive cancers) and/or progesterone (PR-positive cancers). Hormone therapy is used to either stop estrogen from acting on breast cancer cells or lower estrogen levels. This type of treatment is helpful for hormone receptor-positive breast cancers, but it does not help patients whose tumors are hormone receptor negative (both ER- and PR-negative).

Our breast cancer treatment center is designed to treat specific types of cancer. We bring together surgeons, radiologists and other cancer specialists for specialized cancer treatment.

Your breast cancer treatment care is provided by a team of highly experienced oncologists (cancer specialists) who have dedicated their careers to providing breast cancer treatment care. These oncologists are part of a larger team including many other physicians and health care professionals that have a broad experience in the specialized care of breast cancer treatments. This group of professionals work closely together and to make sure that each patient’s care plan will offer the best possible results, and that all needs are met.

Make a difference in your outcome by choosing the best breast cancer treatment center – Las Colinas Cancer Center.

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