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Leading Edge Cancer Treatments in Texas

Texas cancer centers offer leading-edge cancer treatments with personalized care, and you can find one near you. Every cancer type is unique, and so each requires its own unique treatment. Reputable cancer care centers in Texas have qualified oncologists and state-of-the-art facilities to enable them to provide leading-edge cancer treatment to cancer patients.

Here are some of the leading-edge cancer treatment methods:

  • Immunotherapy – This advanced cancer treatment method is administered in form of drugs to boost the immune system of the body to attack cancer cells, slow or stop their growth, or even limit the ability of cancer to spread. Depending on the type of cancer, immunotherapy may be given together with other therapies.
  • Radiation therapy – Also referred to as radiotherapy or X-ray therapy, this method uses X-rays or gamma rays to destroy cancer cells. This is done by damaging the genetic material responsible for controlling the growth and division of cells. While this method is capable of destroying both cancerous and healthy cells, the main goal is to ensure very few healthy cells are destroyed through targeted therapy.
  • Surgery – It’s an advanced and critical part of your cancer treatment. It might be diagnostic, preventive, reconstructive, or involve the removal of a cancerous tumor. The physician may use surgery as the main treatment or alongside other plans such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Surgery may be carried out before or after other treatment methods. Today, most advanced surgical procedures are less invasive.
  • Hormone therapy-It’s carried out through injections or pills. It modifies hormones in the body, thus helping to cure or control cancer. The therapy can reduce the amount of specific hormones in the body or alter the ability of cancer to use hormones to spread or grow.

For cancer treatment to be effective, it should start early. It’s therefore, important that diagnosis be carried out as early as possible.



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