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Archives: January 2016

  • Aromatase Inhibitors May Lower Breast Cancer Risk for BRCA Carriers

    January 28, 2016
    Women who present with a specific genetic mutation may find themselves at a much higher risk for developing breast cancer down the road. While some women take the step of undergoing prophylactic mastectomies, not all are interested in this option. Researchers are finding, however, that there may be a way to help these women lower their breast cancer risks....read more
  • Cancer Remains Leading Cause of Death for American Hispanics

    January 11, 2016
    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rates heart disease as the leading cause of death for the American population as a whole. With an estimated 611,105 deaths attributed to this cause in 2013 alone, it outpaces cancer, respiratory disease and even accidents and strokes. That’s not the case, however, for America’s Hispanic population. Cancer in this racial/ethnic...read more
  • Aromatase Therapy May Lessen Contralateral Breast Cancer Risk

    January 1, 2016
    Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer may find their risk for developing the disease in their healthy breast rises. While prophylactic mastectomies are sometimes recommended, a different form of therapy may offer hope for those who wish to avoid this eventuality. Researchers have found that aromatase inhibitors may help reduce the risk of contralateral breast cancer in women...read more

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