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Archives: August 2019

  • What is Cancer Immunotherapy?

    August 23, 2019
    Cancer immunotherapy is the empowering of a patient's immune system to fight cancer cells. Immunotherapy ensures that the body can recognize, attack, and destroy cancer cells. The approach has positive results on melanoma though it is less effective in pancreatic cancer treatment. The necessary steps in immunotherapy success: Recognition of cells – The immunotherapy cells must recognize the cancer cells...read more
  • Men Who Eat Yogurt Have a Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancer

    August 14, 2019
    The consumption of yogurt among men can lower the risk of colorectal cancer. According to research, men that eat yogurt at least twice a week have lower risk levels. A study of 32,606 males who had a colonoscopy that focused on their health, lifestyle, exercise, and eating habits support this claim. Below are the statistics: Data and findings – 19...read more

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