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What is Cancer Immunotherapy?

Cancer immunotherapy is the empowering of a patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells. Immunotherapy ensures that the body can recognize, attack, and destroy cancer cells. The approach has positive results on melanoma though it is less effective in pancreatic cancer treatment. The necessary steps in immunotherapy success:

  • Recognition of cells – The immunotherapy cells must recognize the cancer cells and label them as “foreign.” They should be able to identify the virus or any bacteria that attack the body. The cells get closer to the tumor and find the best mechanism to weaken and eliminate cancer cells.Pancreatic cancer cells are too “cold” for the immunotherapy cells to attack. You can induce the immunotherapy cells through vaccination to spark them to recognize and respond to tumor. Another useful approach is by removing immune cells from the patient and re-injecting them back to identify the cancer cells.
  • Presence of mutations – Tumor has high mutation cells compared to typical cancer cells. When the immune system patrols through the body, it finds these cells more quickly since they do not match the patient’s health. This is because high numbers of mutated protein cells attract the immune system’s attention.
  • Ensuring the tumor does not hide – Tumors may hide from the immune system. Keytruda, a checkpoint inhibitor can be used to detect a hidden tumor. Researchers are working to find appropriate strategies to make immunotherapy effective. Find how pancreatic cancer cells interact with other cells within the immune system and how they can be empowered.

Continual trials are underway to find the appropriate treatment for pancreatic cancer patients. The use of immunotherapy is essential since it strengthens your immune system to fight cancer and other diseases that affect patients. The procedure is mainly effective for earlier diagnosed patients; some cases are too severe to fight using immunotherapy.


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