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Using a Microstrip Antenna to Detect Breast Cancer

The number of breast cancer patients keeps increasing every year. There is need for more reliable methods that can help detect the disease early and save patients’ lives.

Breast cancer is common in women all over the world. It is one of the most invasive cancers in women. The conventional method of screening for breast cancer is mammography. Mammography has been used in breast cancer screening for long. But sometimes patients are limited due to the costs and the discomforts associated with the procedure.

  • Scientists have been working on a novel system that can monitor changes in breast tumors. The system uses a compact microstrip antenna to detect cancer. It comprises of a radiating patch that has a rectangular slot, a feed line, three stubs and a partial ground plane. The device can operate at frequencies between 2.4 and 4.76 gigahertz (microwave, ultrahigh frequencies or UH) to measure the tumor resonance.
  • When the tumor grows, the resonant frequency in the antenna will fall. And when the tumor shrinks after treatment, the resonant frequency will rise. Using antennas is simple, non-surgical and less risky. The oncologist will monitor the breast tumor effectively while the patient feels more comfortable during the procedure.
  • The micro-strip antennas are used for imaging, treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Due to their flexibility, the antennas enables contact between the skin and the body. The microstrip antennas have three parts, including the ground plane that has a conductor, the substrate part that includes the dielectric and the conductor representing the metal patch. The micro-strip antenna is powered by a feeder that is linked to the conductor. 

Using the microstrip antenna to detect breast cancer is a simple process. This new procedure is going to transform breast cancer diagnosis and help treat patients with early symptoms.

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