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The Cancer Notebook: Why You Need One

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, chances are pretty strong you have a lot of questions on your mind. Unfortunately, it’s also likely these questions are coming so fast and furious you can’t sort them well enough to speak a coherent sentence let alone carry on a serious conversation with your doctor.

It’s OK! Just breathe, give yourself some time to process what you’ve been told and grab a notebook. That’s right, a notebook!

Your notebook doesn’t have to be fancy to be beneficial – a basic ring design will work fine. As you square off to fight the disease, this notebook can come in handy for such things as:

  • Jotting down questions for your doctor – Following the initial diagnosis, you’ll have lots of questions about treatment options, what to expect, how long the process should take and so on. Dedicate a portion of your notebook specifically for questions you need to ask your doctor. Be sure to leave space so you can write down notes as he or she answers, too.
  • Recording your thoughts – Cancer treatments can be scary and it sometimes helps to simply write down your thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears. This can help you get through long night when sleep just won’t come and it can also assist while you’re waiting on appointments you’d rather not be at.
  • Keeping a record of side effects – While side effects and many cancer treatments do go hand in hand, that’s not always the case. Err on the side of caution by writing down all symptoms for review by your doctor at your next appointment. Remember, if symptoms are severe, it’s best to call right away and not wait for that appointment.

Facing off with cancer is no easy task and neither is keeping all the questions in your mind straight as you prepare for battle. A “cancer notebook” can help you make sure the questions that need to be asked are.

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