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Mushrooms May Help Cut Breast Cancer Risks

Women with a passion for fresh mushrooms in their regular diets may find their breast cancer risks reduced dramatically. A recent study out of Australia found that women who eat fresh mushrooms daily are likely to witness a much lower incident rate of breast cancer than those who do not. The reduction, in fact, was an impressive 64 percent.

The study in question involved some 2,000 women. Some of these women had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but not all. Researchers looked into the women’s lifestyle choices, including eating habits. They found that women who ate at least a third ounce of fresh mushrooms daily experienced a protective benefit.

Mushrooms have long been believed to help fight breast and other cancers that are hormone related because they have the ability to inhibit aromatase. This enzyme helps produce estrogen, which is the hormone that can fuel breast cancer. Mushrooms also contain lectins, which are substances that have been shown to prevent cancer cell division and growth.

While any edible mushroom can add to a healthy diet, researchers have found a few types in particular are especially effective in helping fight cancer. They include:

  • Shitake
  • Portabella
  • Button
  • White
  • Crimini

An estimated 246,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the coming year. Some 40,000 women will die from the disease. Although not always preventable, due to genetic factors, some forms of the disease can be staved off through healthy lifestyle choices. Eating right is one of the ways to prevent against breast and many other forms of cancer.

All women are technically at risk for breast cancer. To find out more about personal risks and measures that may help lower those risks, women are urged to speak with their healthcare providers. Early screening measures are also considered critical. Breast cancer is generally highly survivable if it is caught and treated in early stages.

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