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How Cancer Makes You Susceptible to COVID-19

Cancer can attack and neutralize your immune system, causing your tumor to grow and spread across the body. Once you are diagnosed with cancer, you become vulnerable to other illnesses.

The body’s immune system has a network of cells, tissue, organs, and proteins that are always ready to attack damaged cells, viruses, and germs. The immune cells are divided into various groups and types, with each performing a specific task in the body.

To perform their functions efficiently, the immune cells have to be in constant communication. These cells will send signals immediately if they detect viruses. T-cells, in particular, can develop intelligence and recall invaders so they can fight them whenever they show up.

Cancer cells, on the other hand, can infiltrate the immune system in different ways and begin to grow and divide while damaging the body’s immune cells. This compromises the patient’s immune system.

As a cancer patient, you should be vigilant during this time of coronavirus pandemic since you may be susceptible to the virus. If you are exposed, you will be at a higher risk for adverse symptoms that could cause pneumonia, respiratory distress, and other serious conditions.

While on cancer medication, you are at a higher risk of COVID-19 due to a weak immune system caused by medication and treatment.

The body’s immune cells are programmed to identify and kill any viruses or germs that may cause sickness. They are also on the hunt for any defective cells like cancer cells or pre-cancerous polyps. But somehow, cancer cells can trick the immune system and shut it down, exhaust it, overwhelm it, or disrupt the production of immune cells.

Patients with a weakened immune system are more likely to contract coronavirus if exposed. If you are a cancer patient, you should ensure that you stay safe and maintain a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your immune system.

Work with your doctor to determine the best way to make your immune system stronger. Follow the instructions for preventing exposure to COVID-19, such as washing hands more often, keeping social distance, wearing masks, and much more. If you are on cancer treatment, consult with your cancer care team about your care.

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