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Las Colinas Cancer Center is a Pioneer in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Irving, Texas – September 19, 2020 – Las Colinas Cancer Center understands how cancer patients feel after receiving their prostate cancer diagnosis. Knowing that prostate cancer comes with potentially life-threatening consequences, the doctors provide adequate support and personal care to their patients. The center has proficient oncologists and radiation specialists who systematically and assertively develop individualized treatment plans for prostate cancer patients.

The cancer center has a state-of-the-art facility offering cancer patients a safe haven for professional care from experienced oncology specialists. Patients undergo treatment in caring and supportive surroundings with an integrated approach to therapy. Their physicians are committed to offering compassionate treatment that can make a difference in prostate cancer care.

To Las Colinas Cancer Center, their patients matter to them. They are not just medical statistics to work with, but people who are facing challenging times in their life and need all their support. That’s why all medical professionals at the facility work as a team to provide superior medical care, educational resources, and individual treatment plans that suit every patient’s unique diagnosis, health condition, and lifestyle.

As cancer care advances with more innovative diagnostic tools and novel treatments, Las Colinas Cancer Center ensures that their patient care is unmatched. The facility is always on the cutting edge when guiding patients through diagnosis with compassionate care. Using the modern advances in prostate cancer treatment, the oncologists can now approach the disease differently and avoid the adverse effects of treatment.

Las Colinas Cancer Center offers prostate seed plants, a non-invasive method where seeds are implanted directly into the patient’s prostate to target cancer. The procedure is fast and comes with very few side effects, allowing patients to recover faster and resume their everyday routines. Other prostate cancer treatment options offered by the center include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapies such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy(IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). The center is patient-focused and will ensure patients get the best care possible.

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