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Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care from Advanced Facilities and Expert Teams

Breast cancer requires treatment in a multidisciplinary setting. Different medical professionals and specialists come together to develop a treatment strategy that will work for each patient. Our center brings together expert oncologists in advanced cancer therapy and supportive care professionals to ensure a patient has an effective treatment plan.

Our professional team of breast specialists comprises surgeons, certified specialists in radiation and medical oncology, supportive care, and genetic risk evaluation. They collaborate to ensure you receive unparalleled cancer care as you battle your way to better breast health. We have a unique integrated breast care model that ensures our patients achieve excellent outcomes with very minimal stress.

We have in place a program that is designed to empower patients with knowledge and information that will help them choose a treatment that fits their needs and preferences. With breakthroughs in breast cancer research and treatment, we can now plan your treatment according to your cancer’s specific biologic characteristics for better outcomes and nominal side effects.

A consultation with our oncologists will give you in-depth information regarding available treatment options for your unique type of breast cancer. We will take the time to answer all your questions to help you understand your condition and our recommendations.

We will conduct a detailed review of your case from different angles and disciplines, including diagnostics, surgery, radiation oncology, and medical oncology.

Our care doesn’t end with treatment; our teams will support you throughout your cancer journey in whole-patient care. Our supportive care includes nutritional consultations, breast prostheses, acupuncture, wigs, and more.

To help you understand how genetics play a role in your cancer, we will educate you about your inherited risk and provide information on your breast cancer prevention and treatment options through genetic risk assessment.

We also participate in nationwide clinical trials to help you access new novel treatments that are still under investigation.

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